Contemporary Japanese Cuisine


5.95 Cucumber Salad

Cucumber seasoned in a sweet vinaigrette with beet and sesame seeds.

6.95 Cucumber & Avocado Salad

Cucumber & avocado seasoned in a sweet vinaigrette with beet and sesame seeds.

5.95 Goma Ae

Boiled spinach served in a sweet sesame dressing.

11.95 Spicy Tuna Seaweed Salad

Fresh big-eye tuna sautéed with a spicy chili pepper vinaigrette & served with marinated seaweed salad

10.95 Maguro Salad (Big-eye Tuna)

Fresh big-eye tuna and super white tuna mix drizzled in spicy sauce and served with avocado. Add $2 for chips.

10.95 Paradise

A mixture of fresh big eye-tuna, super white tuna, tobiko, radish, & beet topped with chef's specialty dressing

5.95 Tokio Salad

Mixed greens served with Tokio Sake signature ginger dressing-vinaigrette.

5.95 Wakame Salad

Seaweed marinated in a red pepper and sesame seed dressing.


6.95 Seafood Miso

Miso soup served with assorted seafood, scallions, seaweed & tofu.

7.95 Black Mussel Miso

Miso soup served with fresh black mussels & scallions.

Sushi Appetizers

8.95 Oyster Fry

Breaded deep-fried oysters served with Japanese wasabi mayo

10.95 Jalapeño Super White Tuna

Sashimi-styled super white tuna topped with thinly sliced jalapeño & avocado. Served in Ponzu vinaigrette.

6.95 Kanikama Su

Crab wrapped with cucumber in sunomono vinaigrette

Market Price Oyster Shooter

Fresh chilled oyster served in sunomono vinaigrette & premium sake, set with a quail egg, masago, scallions, & a hint of hot sauce.

10.95 Rice Caviar

Assorted fish roe served over sushi rice

11.95 Sashimi Appetizer

Chef’s choice of 6pc fresh thinly sliced sashimi

9.95 Sea Surf

Shrimp, big-eye tuna, yellowtail, salmon, egg, & avocado wrapped in cucumber.

9.95 Soft Shell Crab

Seasonal crab prepared Kara-age style, lightly battered. Served with Ponzu vinaigrette.

5.95 Tokio Nacho

Seared Spicy Tuna served on homemade tortilla chips. Topped with potato crunch and drizzled with tangy unagi and spicy wasabi mayo sauce.

11.95 Tuna Cappaccio

Fresh slices of big-eye tuna and avocado served with hot & tangy sunomono sauce & chopped onions.

9.95 Tuna Tataki

Seared ahi tuna with a light black pepper crust served in Ponzu vinaigrette

9.95 Uni Shooter

Fresh uni served in sunomono vinaigrette & premium sake, set with a quail egg, masago, & scallions

Kitchen Appetizers

4.50 Edamame

Boiled soy beans in the pod sprinkled with sea salt

5.95 Agedashi Tofu

Deep fried tofu with sweet ginger soy vinaigrette

9.95 Asparagus Beef Roll

Asparagus wrapped in beef and drizzled over in teriyaki sauce

6.95 Dumplings

Pan fried pot stickers. Choose between shrimp or veggie.

5.95 Shumai

Steamed then lightly grilled shrimp dumpling

8.95 Jumbo Shumai

Steamed then lightly grilled jumbo shrimp dumpling

6.95 Sake Crunch

Fresh salmon and chopped onions lightly battered and fried. Served on top of a creamy sauce

9.95 Crab Cake

Home-made crab cakes served with a Japanese hollandaise sauce

9.95 Golden Shrimp

Grilled shrimp served in a creamy yolk-based sauce

12.95 Spicy Grilled Shrimp

BBQ-grilled and bamboo skewered shrimp

9.95 Breaded Calamari

Japanese style lightly breaded fresh calamari

9.95 Spicy Grilled Calamari

Grilled calamari with chef’s special hot sauce

7.95 Yakitori

Marinated grilled and bamboo skewered chicken with teriyaki sauce


Lightly battered and fried, served with a soy vinaigrette dipping sauce

Shrimp (4PC)8.95

Shrimp (6PC)11.95